Who we are

Recently someone defined our company as the “ Italian alternative to the more famous Usa jingle companies. Others, thanking us, stated that our jingles have that “special” particular sound, but we’re even prouder when a radio having ordered a new batch of our latest jingles say…”its almost a shame to replace the old ones, because they still sound so good”
The sound of our jingles are the fruit of 25 years of experience; Our team, infact, were united together with the birth of the first commercial radios in Italy.
Our early id jingles had their first airings in the 70’s along with the early pioneers of radio in Italy, some of which are now nationally known networks.
After local radios and several well known Italian national networks, we hit Europe…
Already in the beginning of the 90’s our jingles spoke Spanish from Radio Barcelona, Cadena ser, Radio Ibiza, and also on Juventus radio Budapest, Radio Vox Praga,
KissFm Bucarest and other european stations.
New century…Usa stations discover jinglesfactory.
So, after ac and chr jingles, we started customize jazz and smoothjazz jingles. The first big station trusted in our jingles was Smoothjazz.com…awesome!!
Even now, we continue to think, arrange, sing and construct jingles, liners and production music with even a greater passion, just like before, because we love making fine jingles, and maybe that’s why you people love our product.

JinglesFactory, the jingles that bridge the centuries…

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